How to know if you have been benefitted from the book

With the passage of each new day we are witnesses to the publication of thousands of books around the globe on numerous scientific, spiritual and other fields in different languages, either with positive and constructive effects on their readers’ and researchers’ minds, or with negative and destructive consequences on their minds and their souls.

Therefore, in this article, in the framework of a theory, I have briefly dealt with the way in which the different books leave their effects on people’s minds and then I have presented an appropriate method for taking proper advantage of different books. I am in fact thus trying to provide you with a meter stick using which the dear researchers and authors would recognize and realize the real worth of different books. Furthermore, both on my internet website and at my email address I am ready to respond to the probable questions that might arise in your minds in this respect. (1) I hope for a day when those in pursuit of the truth in the fields of sciences and cognition would forgive me for the straightforwardness and blatant tone that this humble servant of theirs has adopted in writing this article.


A book, the reflection of its author’s soul and personality


The most precious and effective blessing of God for the mankind is the divine books that He has sent for the mankind, which are in fact the reflections of the Compassionate’s Divine and Illuminating Soul in form of each and every one of their divine verses so that those who wholeheartedly and with full insight about the great significance of their author choose them for studying and reciting, are benefitted from the light of their guidance. Yet, those who heedless of these books’ author, or full of hatred and out of enmity encounter these books are deprived of their guidance, and entrapped in the darkness of bedazzlement and endless loss. (2)


Meanwhile, the most precious and effective fruits of any human being’s existence left as a heritage after his decease are the works created by his pen, which resemble a precious treasure of wealth on which the entire attention and love of their creator is eternally focused.


In the vast span of the human societies any researcher and scientist who creates a book after suffering long years of research work and serious studies truly puts on display the type and extent of his knowledge and insight in a certain field, and thus, any author’s book is in fact the essence of his scientific possessions and his insight, as well as a reflection of his soul and his personality. In fact, any writer leaves the essence of his knowledge and his spiritual wealth in his works and after his death his books still serves as his identity cards, in which he lives eternally. The author’s soul and personality thus find eternal and effective presence in his written works. Therefore, when the researchers and those in pursuit of perfection search for books and articles, it is most appropriate for them to heed the personality and career of their creators and to keep in mind the important and fundamental point that if they would study any text while adopting a negative, or on-guard attitude they would never be affected by the reigning soul in that work, while if they would with a positive approach, lovingly, and contentedly study that text the soul of its creator would affect them and they would be under the influence and even hegemony of the soul of its creator, and that they would even begin following the path, the method, and the faith of that author, regardless of the points of weakness, or strength in his book, deeply and effectively. As a result, by reading such divine books as Abraham the Friend’s Book, David’s Psalms, the Old Testament of Moses (P), the New Testament of Jesus (P), and Qur’an of Muhammad (P) with love, or with hatred towards their divine and humane verses, the reader would be either blessed or gone astray by their Real Owner, who is none, but God, and would be either guided, or drowned in the abyss of darkness, due to the divine knowledge and the realities that exist in these great books.




Index for being benefitted properly from books


Any type of spiritual or material science in the books of researchers and scientists has roots in the Divine Books, as these people are indebted to them for their knowledge. That is because any prophet who has a book was in his own time the leading scientist of the day, capable of answering the entire scientific and spiritual questions. Therefore, the esteemed authors and researchers either in their studies and research works, or in compiling and writing books and articles, are in need of an index to recognize and evaluate the items they are encountered with, which is none but “being acquainted with the divine books”, if you trust the owner of this pen.


Therefore, anyone equipped with such a crystal-clear index in his inquiry for usefulness of various books, such as those on beliefs and spiritual issues, and those in other fields, would never go astray, and will be able to tell the truth from falsehood. But if one is unfamiliar with this method, the surest way for him for remaining intact from the hazardous effects of certain books would be to take advantage of the guidance of those who have deep insight about the realities of the divine books – since any book can resemble a deep ocean, delving among whose roaring waves in order to find the pearls of sciences is in need of knowing both scuba diving and swimming, or sailing on the ship of those insightful friends who are familiar with such crafts.


Therefore, alertness and consciousness of the esteemed researchers on such a sensitive and important issue seems to be a dire necessity, and it is appropriate for the dear youth and researchers to heed this sensitive concern that in order to delve in the works of the authors, they are in need of being acquainted with the teachings of the divine books, or being benefitted of getting assistance from those who have insight and the required spiritual might to save them. This way they would be both benefitted from the positive blessings of the sciences, and from the hoard of experience of the learned people, as well as getting exposed to the soul-breeding and humane realities of the monotheist faiths.




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